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About us

TES Group of companies — was founded in 1992, and is one of the most reliable and successful commercial projects of the post-Soviet period on the Crimean Peninsula. The main line of business is the sale of petroleum products. These days, TES is a dynamically developing company that manages the largest network of gas stations. “TES” has two own oil depots, a port terminal for the transshipment and storage of liquefied gas and petroleum products, and an enterprise for the production of containers and reservoirs for the oil and gas, chemical and other industries, including agriculture. The fleet of own fuel tankers provides rapid transportation of fuel to any place of the Peninsula. TES Group of companies also includes 2 hotels of the same name, distribution of lubricants and tires. In addition, “TES” has one of the best Fast Food chains in Crimea.

Gas stations

The “TES” gas station network consists of 83 modern gas stations conveniently located throughout the Peninsula, including Sevastopol. Every year, “TES” opens new facilities and modernizes the existing technological base. The complexes have spacious Parking lots. Qualified staff guarantees fast and high-quality service. The area of TES markets with a wide range of products is also expanding. Additional services are being introduced and modern cafes are being opened. Gas stations "TES" meets all safety standards.


TES-Terminal is a modern complex for transshipment of fuel oil, liquefied gas and light oil products, located on the territory of the Kerch sea port. It includes a complex of 3 terminals equipped with modern equipment with an automated process control system, a railway enterprise that serves its own railway ferry complex, and a cargo railway ferry with a capacity of 35 tank cars.


The network of gas stations “TES" sells a fuel class K5. This type of gasoline meets the environmental standard of the technical regulations of the Customs Union. This type of fuel has a reduced content of aromatic hydrocarbons and an improved fractional composition. These qualities ensure start-up at low temperatures, speed of engine warming up, and also reduce fuel consumption and wear of the cylinder-piston group. When purchasing fuel at the TES gas stations, you can be sure of the accuracy of filling, regardless of the time of day, day of the week or season. Our own laboratory for testing petroleum products from the plant to the customer's tank guarantees the quality of fuel. TES company offers exclusive fuel New Power, which is created using the most advanced technologies with the addition of a multifunctional package of fuel additives of the latest generation. The additive has successfully passed bench tests at the Central research automobile and motor Institute of the Federal state unitary enterprise "NAMI". The obtained data indicate a stable effect of reducing fuel consumption by up to 6% and removing carbon in the combustion chamber zone. All types of fuel at the TES gas stations have quality certificates.


The chain of Fast Food cafes "AVTOFOOD" is located on the territory of gas stations. The brand's priorities are impeccable product quality, high level of service and a cozy atmosphere. AUTOFOOD uses the European product safety control system HACCP. We use professional equipment that is fully automated and eliminates the use of the human factor in the cooking process as much as possible. Currently, there are 15 cafes in Simferopol, Alushta, Sevastopol, Yevpatoria, Feodosia and Kerch.



TES-Hotel Resort & Spa is a three-star recreational complex located on the seashore in Yevpatoria. The hotel is ideal for families with children. The Spa complex has a swimming pool and 5 types of baths. A full-fledged multiple meal in the hotel restaurant will satisfy the taste of the most demanding gourmets. The hotel has a medical center with a wide range of services.

Fuel card

The fuel card of the TES gas station allows you to fill up your car in a network of leading operators of the fuel market located on the Russian mainland. The "TES-CARD" smart card system is also provided for enterprises with a car fleet that need to organize automated accounting of fuel consumption.


TES-Club loyalty program

The TES-Club loyalty program is available to customers of the TES gas stations, which allows them to accumulate bonuses for fuel, and also provides discounts from the program's partners.